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>>sad side of life

my life is so sad...
noone believes me, and noone will ever understand it...
not even the boy i love, the boy my heart beats for...
my soul is broken, and so is my heart...
tell me why you do this to me,
it would be easier if you just say that you don't want me
you tear my heart into little pieces,
and i think you don't even know what you do to me.

and its no use if you don't hate me,
everytime i think of you, i have to try
not to cry,
and my heart is so full of love,
but you don't want it
and everytime i recognize, that we'll never be together,
my heart breaks and i get the feeling
that i can't breathe
and sometimes i ask myself
why i live, if my life is a whole mess...

everyone tells me
that i'm goodlooking
and that i don't have to worry
but i ask myself why everyone tells me this
it doesn't help me
it just makes me recognize,
that you don't think the same,
and i don't know what to do,
the love i feel for you is so big
and i can't describe it,
nothing and noone can describe what i feel...
and i don't know if you don't recognize it
or if you just don't want to know it...

but everything i say is true,
and you know that i'll never lie to you...
i will love you forever,
and you know that i do
and you know what you do to me
but still, you don't stop doing it
if you don't want me, then just lieve it
and tell me that you don't want me
but don't let me fall into my soul,
cause what i feel hurts so much
and if you don't tell me soon what you think
i don't know what will happen to me then...

so please, just tell the truth to someone,
and let me know it...
i'm really not feeling good,
actually i feel like a piece of shit,
and i don't think that someone can help me right now...
♥i will always love you♥
9.9.06 16:15

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